#384: 42.4L Aquatic Garden Luzone Montane Rainforest

John Dustin Victorino Pasig, Philippines


Well done forest layout but too perfect and symmetric. This kind of "perfection" takes away from the naturalness of the layout.
The "stems" of the trees could be thinner and there is too much repetition of driftwood at the foreground.
There was an abrupt transition from the foreground to the middleground it should have more intersection plants.
The foreground could have some cosmetic sand rather than being completely covered by carpet plants. In this way we would gain another work plane and better perspective.
Maybe another type of fish with less contrast would be better.
Keep aquascaping dude!!! Your father is definitely proud of you!
— André Longarco

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 46 × 30 × 30 cm
Title Luzone Montane Rainforest
Volume 42.4L
Background White vinyl sticker
Lighting Hepo fullspectrum light diy hanger
X7 clip light
Filtration Sunsun 602b with pumice media
Plants Christmas moss
Riccardia moss
Fissidens nobilis
Monte carlo
Cryptocoryne parva
Bucephalandra minis
Animals 10 albino cardinal tetra
2 small panda garra
5 Horned nerite snail
10 red cherry shrimp
5 amano shrimp
Materials Black lava rocks and assorted driftwood for hardscape
Pumice as filler and ista premium soil
Additional Information I used local fertilizer

Co2 injection with inline diffuser
Diy fan to control temperature since we are tropical country

My inspiration is just a typical forrest, i made this aquascape for my dad

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