#466: 36L Aquatic Garden Through The Canyon

Luis Filipe Samora Cardoso Aldeia de Santo Andre, Portugal

Awards and Comments

First Place
Interesting job and very powerful!
Good hardscape work and nice plant health.
The pattern of the rocks are very interesting but they form a big wall that blocks the flow of the layout. Because perhaps this material is a little big for this tank size.
Maybe the central path could end in a more open space... The passage is shy and it would be better to see more details in the path with different sizes of pebbles and small rocks.
The reflections are well done and overall it is a great job in this category! Congrats!!!
— André Longarco
The rock arrangement is so nice it was placed horizontally and superimposes to make a mountain shape. The plants are well selected and grow naturally on it. Well done!
— Dave Chow
An excellent layout! The feeling is very large for the size of the tank because of the hardscape. I wish there was more open space down the middle to open the layout up a little more.

Great work!
— Marvin Lo

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 45 × 27 × 30 cm
Title Through The Canyon
Volume 36L
Background Lightground
Lighting Twinstar 450 SA III
Filtration OASE Filtosmart 200
Plants Rotala Sp. Green, Rotala H'ra, M. Monte Carlo, H cuba, riccardia chramedifolia, crytpocoryne parva, cryptocoryne flamingo, anubias nana petit, anubias nana nana.
Animals 10 Brevibora Dorsiocellata, Crystal Red Shrimp, blue dream shrimp
Materials Thai Stone

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