#552: 324L Aquatic Garden REDEMPTION

HUZEFA GOGA DUBAI, United Arab Emirates

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 120 × 60 × 45 cm
Volume 324L
Background ADA Back Light
Lighting 2 nos ADA Solar RGB running 7 hours a day
Filtration 2 nos JBL E1502 Filter running 24 hours continuously
Plants Monte carlo, ranunculus inundatus, staaurogyne repens, eleochoris cicularis mini, marsilea crenata, marsilea hirsuta , bolbitis hendelotti, anubias bateri petite, Bucephelandra wavy green, bucephelandra sp red, christmas moss, vesicularia dubyana, hydrocotyle tripartita, hygrophila pinnatifida, glossostigma elatinoides, weeping moss, riccardia moss, fissidence fontanus, bucephlandra sp.biblis, bucephlandra black catherine, buce phalandra mini catherine, bucephaalndra phantom type 2, bucephlandra velvet, cryptocoryne wenditi, anubias pangolino
Animals Rummy Nose Tetra, Siamese Algae Eater, Otocinclus, Amano Shrimps, Cherry Red Shrimps
Materials Black pine rocks, drift wood mixed variety, ADA Power sand Powder , ADA Power Sand L , Bacter 100 , Clear Super , Tourmaline BC , ADA Amazonia, ADA Plata sand, ada colarado sand, ada gravel stone and ADA Amazonia Powder
Additional Information This work has been the most dearest work of mine and the process of building this art work was my redemption & my recovery to positivity, after my diagnosis of Bi-polar disorder ! This work haas made be that I am good enough and can do anything if i make up my mind to do so.

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