#702: 25L Aquatic Garden Zura ula

Agoes Effendi Bengkulu, Indonesia

Awards and Comments

First Place
Very technical hardscape and great use of space. The detailed wood work in combination with the moss is very impressive!
— Marvin Lo
Amazing hardscape job! Nice flow and rhythm but take care not to have too many strong attraction points like the two holes plus "Amano's empty space". With too many points like that the observer is distracted instead of paying attention to your work.
Maybe the Rotala Hra is not a adequate plant to use in the skyline because of the proportion.
Just one more observation: Guppy is not the best choice for a planted aquarium mostly because of the low pH and acid water okay?
Congratulations your job is very interesting and well done. Please keep aquascaping you definitely have the skills!!!
— André Longarco
The setup and detail of this hardscape are an incredible display in a tiny tank and the colour arrangement is also a very good good job!
— Dave Chow

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 40 × 25 × 25 cm
Title Zura ula
Volume 25L
Background Sunblast
Lighting Kandila s 400 x 2 unit
Kandilla wrgb 400 1 unit
Filtration Canister
Plants Weeping tropica, ricardia, moss bucephalandra, rotala green, rotala Hra
Animals Red cherry shrimp and guppy AFR
Materials Rentek woods, lava rock, bk carnivorus sand

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