#713: 35L Aquatic Garden Crack

Andreas Ruppert-Flerlage Frechen, Germany

Awards and Comments

Top Ten
This is a kind of layout that the hardscape is awesome without plants because it is very difficult to plant without hiding the rocks and their beauty and power.
A conceptual layout like this is better if it is placed in bigger tank because of the proportions of plants. In such a small tank like this one there are fewer plant options to use because all of them look big in comparison to the hardscape proportion.
Talking about proportions the proportions between both sides are good and harmonic thanks to "the golden ratio"! Everything is well positioned. Just maybe if the left side was smaller in height the overall proportion would be more harmonic but it's okay anyway.
Really very good job in the path. Natural dynamic and attractive... makes me imagine myself walking through this ravine with my boots and my backpack contemplating nature.
The foreground is very good full of movement.
Just two points to improve: The reflections and direction of the shoal.
Great job well done!
— André Longarco
This layout makes the shape of a valley successfully it looks very natural and the perspective looks good.
— Dave Chow
Well done creating an expansive feeling layout in such a small tank! The composition is well done.

Great work!
— Marvin Lo

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 40 × 32 × 28 cm
Title Crack
Volume 35L
Background Milk glas foil
Lighting Chihiros Series A
Filtration External Oase Filter with 440l/h
Plants Hemianthus callitrichoides "Cuba",
Hemainthus glomeratus,
Vesicularia dubyana,
Riccardia spec.,
Micranthenum Monte Carlo,
Myriophyllum sp. "Guyana",
tiny Bucephalandras
Animals 20 Boraras brigittae, Neocaridina davidi
Materials Fine structured Dragon stone

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