#729: 332L Aquatic Garden The trees die standing up

Ali Rezaee Mashhad, Iran

Awards and Comments


The judges have determined this aquascape is similar enough to #730 to be considered a duplicate.
— Erik

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 110 × 55 × 55 cm
Title The trees die standing up
Volume 332L
Background withe
Lighting t5
Filtration ehaime 2217×2
Atmandf 1000
Aquaproo 2200
sun sun
Plants fissiden fontanus moss
cladophra aegropile
bllxa japonica
eleocharis parvola
eleocharis acicularis
fissiden fontanus
cryptocoryne albida red
bolbitis heudelorri
rotala nanjean
bucephalandra dark brown
bucephalandra blou velcvetleaf
bucephalandra brownie red
bucephalandra brownie brown
bucephlandra so nangapinoh green
rotala macrandra sp green
rotala indica
monosolenium tenerum pelia
reccardia chamedryfolia
bucephalandra biblis
anubias pinto
taiwan moss
bucephalandra fake catherinae
bucephalandra kedagang
anubias pangolino
bucephalandra mini blue velvet
anubias nana petite
flame moss
weeping moss
willow moss
bucephalandra dark velvet
bucephalandra velvet leaf
Animals red fin tetra
Materials rock and wood

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