#868: 39L Aquatic Garden Mid-Wood Twilight


Aquascape Details

Dimensions 26 × 50 × 30 cm
Title Mid-Wood Twilight
Volume 39L
Background Vinyl Frosted White Sticker
Lighting Week Aqua S Series
Filtration Eheim experience 250
Plants 1. Taxiphyllum 'Flame' moss
2. Riccardia chamedryfolia
3. Fissidens fontanus
4. Riccia fluitans
5. Bucephalandra "Kedagang"
6. Bucephalandra sp. 'Red'
7. Bucephalandra "Brownie Ghost"
8. Bucephalandra sp. "Deep Purple"
9. Bucephalandra Mini Coin
10. Bucephalandra "Kedagang" mini
11. Eleocharis parvula
Animals 1. Gold Blue Eye Neon Tetra
2. Pygmy Corydoras
Materials ADA Amazonia II
Tropica Substrate
Additional Information Greetings AGA committee and organizers!
This is my first time to join the AGA aquascaping contest. I'm excited and can't wait whatever may be the results. Most importantly, to watch the live judging and learn from the experts.
This new found hobby has been an adventure for me. It helps me and I think all of the hobbyist to atleast forget or restress oneself from this pandemic.
I hope we can surpass this soon and visit the outside world freely and appreciate the real beauty of nature.

Good luck to all participants this year and keep it up AGA.

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