#872: 75.9L Aquatic Garden Momijii tree

Jean-Marie GASPARD Dinan, France

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 62 × 35 × 35 cm
Title Momijii tree
Volume 75.9L
Background diy light background panel rgb led
Lighting chihiro rgb 1
Filtration eheim ecco pro 3
Plants hygrophila pinnatifida / staurogyne repens / eleocharis sp mini / glossostigma / hemianthus callitrichoides sp cuba /bucephalandra sp
Animals 4/4 sawbwa resplendens /amano shrimps /bleu velvet shrimps
Materials wood /seiyru stones /hommemade silicone river
Additional Information momijii are the acer palmatum trees ..that's what i'm looking for this scape ...something to enjoy my wife and 2yo daughter ...
who said "compromise" ? ..yes it is ! but love to do this little landscape

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