#887: 261.5L Aquatic Garden Piscean Forest

Andrew Kieffer EUGENE, OR, United States

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 90 × 55 × 55 cm
Title Piscean Forest
Volume 261.5L
Background Black window tint
Lighting ADA Solar RGB
Filtration Oase Thermo 850 x 2 with Lily pipes, Delta Surface Skimmer, Twinstar Nano+
Plants Lilaeopsis brasiliensis, Echinodorus iguazu ‘09, Echinodorus aflame, Echinodorus satan, Echinodorus sakerno, Eriocaulon ratnagiricum, Cryptocoryne axelrodi, Lagenandra meeboldii ‘red’ and ‘green’, Blyxa japonica, Cryptocoryne balansae, Cyperus helferi, Barclaya longifolia, Bacopa salzmannii ‘SG’, Fissidens fontanus, Callicostella prabaktiana, Mini Trident Java Fern, Needle Leaf Java Fern, Crepmoides sp., Hygrophila pinnatifida ‘UK’, Anubias barteri ‘dark angel’, Tiger-striped Frogbit.
Animals Apistogramma borelli ‘opal’ pair, Iriatherina weneri x 20, Paracheirodon simulans x 40, Axelrodia reisei x 25, Pseudomugil luminatus x 10, Caridina multidentata x 50, Otocinclus sp. x 10, Caridina sp. Racoon Tiger x 100, Crossocheilus oblongus x 3.
Materials Sabo Wood, North Black Stone
Additional Information I set this aquascape up as one of the main displays in my new store, Pisces Aquaria. The inspiration came from pacific north west hikes and the moss and fern covered stumps I see. Fertilization is done with The 2hr Aquarist APT Complete and Amazonia V2 with Power Sand Advance underneath.

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