#904: 182L Aquatic Garden Stairway To Heaven

Saman HD Musa Bandung, Indonesia

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 90 × 45 × 45 cm
Title Stairway To Heaven
Volume 182L
Background sunblast sticker
Lighting Kandila S-800 25 W, 1pcs
Recent AA-S1000-3x 50 W , 1pcs
Shenzhen Siroka Light WRGB 56 W , 1 pcs
Filtration Filter Atman 3339s
Media filter : Master bio Media , Luminos Bio Eco Cube , seachem purigen, Seachem Matrix, Crystal Bio Japanese Media, Wasser Bio Purifier
Plants Plants :
• Front :
• Montecarlo
• Glossostigma Ellatinoides
• Utricularia Gramnifolia (UG)
• Mid :
• Donoy
• Staurogyne sp repens
• Finatifida
• Local Hairgrass
• Hydrocotyle tripartite
• Bolbitis
• Pakis 2 yg hijau tua tipis
• Hairgrass
• Background :
• Rotala Walichi
• Rotala Orange Juice
• Rotala Macandra Red
• Rotala Macandra Green
• Rotala HRA
• Rotala Ramosior Sunset
• Rotala Macrandra Mini
• Ludiwigia SP red
• Ludwigia sp white
• Ludwigia Inclinata green
• Polysperma Sunset
• Anubias
• Bucephalandra Mini Brown Series
• Bucephalandara Lamandau Red
• Bucephalandara Brown / violet
• Rotala sp red
• anubias
• Kadaka`
• Moss :
• Wheeping moss
• Flame Moss
• Fisiden Moss
• Java Moss
• Mini X mass Moss
• Ricardia
• Ricia
• Pelia
Animals Red Nose 11 pcs
Rasbora Harley Queen 14 pcs
Materials Wooden Skyline ( Kaki Langit Wood), and Kayu Rentek
Stone : seiryu stone
Additional Information Fertiliser : Seachem Flourish Excell , Azzoplus Plant Premium, Azzo Carbon Plus
Soil : Neo Soil, ultimate soil and kandila cosmetic .
Subtrat …..aqua gizi, obio , bacteri starter, aqua sehat and eco one

Title : Stairway To Heaven

The Tanks illustrate the stairway to heaven, which describe a journey from land / from the backdrop area , and step by step climb the hardscape itself, the stair shapes from the montecarlo which sign goes up continuously through the stair represent by circle/ball shapes , which is it is originally naturaly shapes from the Wooden Skyline / kayu kaki langit itself. Then goes some area in the midle of the tank. In Some How the stairway/journey will find the path to the top (at my point of intererest/ golden ratios) and goes to the sky (top of aquarium), as can see on the photo, the final gates to the heaven , guards by two cherys shrimp left and right exactly in the gates, and on the other side, we can see the fish, (one fish rasbora Harleyquuen) is already been there, meanswhile the others goes back to down and turning to the area goes to bottom of tanks )land area on the right bottom.

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