#912: 45L Aquatic Garden Nature colour

Dharminder singh Chandigarh, India

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 45 × 30 × 35 cm
Title Nature colour
Volume 45L
Background Black film
Lighting Diy strip wrgb 40 watt
Filtration Sunsun hbl 803
Sunsun surface skimmer
Plants Dwaf hairgrass, sagittaria, hygrophila araguaia, pogostemon octopus, Ludwigia palustris, rotala pink , rotala hra, Ludwigia brevipes, Ludwigia senegalensis, hygrophila pinnatifida and tripatita , crypto, hm , christmas moss, needle leaf fern , ar mini . Frogbits .
Animals Molly-1 , Siamese algae eater-1, some cull shrimps 4-5 , ramshorn snails-10 harlequin rasbora- 4
Materials Tropica aquasoil old one
Dragon stone and layer rocks
Alder cones and small driftewood roots, natural sand
Additional Information Microbe-Lift fert range and water treatment , tropica old aquasoil, co2art regulator , weekly 2 water change , 8 hours lighting and CO2, healthy feeding . Nature always attract me that's why I sacpe this. This is my first high tech tank in 2 year journey . I love nature colours so I try to show different colours of plants in this scape. My son is my inspiration .

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