#946: 11L Aquatic Garden Mount Bromo

Hendro Agung Eko Wahyudi Jember, Indonesia


This aquascape shows several mistakes that if avoided could have taken this work to a relevant position.
1. Remove all products and equipment at the time of photo.
2. Use fish and plants that harmonize with the layout. Algae eaters and Neritins draw a lot of attention of the observer.
3. In this case floating plants more hinder than aggregate the layout.
4. Choosing the most suitable and proportionate plants would make this hardscape work an excellent aquascaping job.
I hope that on the next occasion we can see a more mature work and certainly with much more prominence and relevance.
You have a lot of talent just study more and practice!!!
Keep it up.
— André Longarco

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 30 × 20 × 20 cm
Title Mount Bromo
Volume 11L
Background Scotlite doff vinyl
Lighting Hikari HKS-99 WRGB 12watt
Filtration Hang on filter
Plants Moss wepping, Bucephalandra mini
Animals Rednose tetra, Neon tetra, Chinese Algae eater, Turbo snail, Red Rilli shrimp
Materials Substrate, Eragon Stone

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