#976: 90L Biotope Aquascape Flooded Forest Tributary of the Rio Negro

Alex Wenchel Alexandria, United States

Awards and Comments

First Place
We see so many Rio Negro biotopes. But this one is exceptional work! I can imagine myself back there! Bravo!
— Karen Randall
Simply beautiful!
— Hans-Georg Evers
Impressive representation of a Rio Negro biotope. The colors displayed by the cardinals are stunning and really compliment the biotope. I just wished that there were more. Beautiful biotope!
— Bailin Shaw

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 91 × 46 × 22 cm
Title Flooded Forest Tributary of the Rio Negro
Volume 90L
Background Expanding foam coated in blended aquasoil and sand.
Lighting Low-intensity strip light.
Filtration large Fluval canister filter
Plants N/A
Animals 10 Paracheirodon axelrodi (Cardinal Tetra)
Materials Several "fallen" logs (buoyant for 6 months prior to sinking), leaf litter made up dried Willow Oak leaves and a blended almond leaves and other commercial available botanicals. Slope built using expanding foam coated in blended aquasoil and sand.
Additional Information This biotope was build to recreate the flooded forest floor I witnessed while visiting the small tributaries of the Rio Negro River, itself a tributary of the Amazon. The flooded forest floor is covered in leaves and fallen branched and stumps in the process of decay. While the water is a crystal clear amber, a layer of mulm coats everything, and the slightest disturbance will fill the water with flecks of brownish grey.

Because of the small size of this setup, I opted to limit my fish to a single species.

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