#109: 182L Aquatic Garden Suddenly

Kaabah Di Lacerda Belo Horizonte-MG, Brazil


You have a very pretty aquascape here but next time you are doing your photographs make sure you do them early enough that your Rotalas have not all closed up for the night! It would have been so much prettier with them open!!!
— Karen Randall

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 90 × 45 × 45 cm
Title Suddenly
Volume 182L
Lighting 2 x Week Aqua T90 PRO
Filtration Eheim Professionel 4+ 600 (1250L/h)
Plants Micranthemum Sp. Monte Carlo
Hemianthus callitrichoide (Cuba)
Eleocharis Minima
Cryptocoryne Parva
Hemianthus micranthemoides
Rotala h'ra
Rotala Rotundifolia
Rotala Green
Hygrophila pinnatifida
Marsilea hirsuta
Animals Tetra Neon Verde
Tetra Neon Negro
Materials Substrato MBreda

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