#118: 225L Aquatic Garden SUNKEN

Borja Orozco Alcon Castellón de la plana, Spain

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 90 × 50 × 50 cm
Volume 225L
Background translucent vinyl
Lighting Onf flat one plus 90 (BW), Twinstar 900 ES
Filtration Oase BioMaster Thermo 600
Plants Eleocharis sp. 'Mini', Eleocharis sp. "montevidensis", Vallisneria nana "Tiger", Vallisneria nana, Riccardia sp. "graeffei", Riccardia sp. "chamedryfolia", Littorella uniflora, Hydrocotyle verticillata, Juncus repens, Anubias pangolino, Nymphaea Zenkeri Red Tiger Lotus.
Animals 20 Aphyocharax nattereri, 10 Aphyocharax rathbuni, 5 Clithon corona, large amount of neocaridina sp.
Materials Self recolected driftwood and stones, neosoil substrate and sand mix
Additional Information Two weekly water changes of 40%, fertilization with tropica.

The inspiration comes from imagining a fallen tree in a river and as the time passed its been claimed by plants and nature.

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