#145: 225L Biotope Aquascape The bank of the Solinka river, near Cisna town. Bieszczady mountains. Poland

Bartłomiej Paśnik Bełżyce, Poland

Awards and Comments

First Place
The spirit of the biotope is excellently presented the fish vivid activity can be seen through the photos. The hardscape is laid out in a way to copy the natural habitat of the fish while at the same time giving them enough space to live.
— Petra Bašić
An impeccable biotope aquarium with a perfectly built composition. There is a feeling that the photo was taken not through the glass of the aquarium but during real diving. Full immersion in the natural biotope. An important role in this composition is played by the correct work with perspective and composition. I see the complete harmony of both large basic design elements and the smallest details. I really like the overhanging shore on the right side. Love the roots hanging from it. I like that the side walls and seams of the aquarium are not visible. A slightly blurred background with silhouettes of stones in a light haze gives the effect of depth.
The author skillfully entered simple outwardly nondescript fish into his landscape. It is quite difficult to create such a lively and harmonious picture using the fauna of temperate latitudes. I think this is one of the best biotope aquariums I have ever seen.
— Yuriy Yancher
Biotopes that include both shallow areas of a river and under boulder washouts are very hard to pull off they usually do not look natural. Here is an extremally elegant way to pull it off. Congratulations!
— Ivan Mikolji
Beautiful scenery well done.
— Mert Aykuta

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 150 × 50 × 30 cm
Title The bank of the Solinka river, near Cisna town. Bieszczady mountains. Poland
Volume 225L
Background "deep shadow" technique.
Lighting 200W LED fullspectrum
Filtration filtration: unimax 700. Water circulator 5000l / h. water circulator 2000l/h (movement of the water surface)
Plants n/a
Animals Gobio gobio, Astacus astacus
Materials stones, gravel, sand, driftwood and roots
Additional Information The river has a rocky bottom. In the studied biotope, the river is shallow (max. 1 m) and has clear water. It is inhabited by many fish. The shores are covered with vegetation and tree roots. Water is transparent, pH 7,57, ppm 84, temp. in summer 14-17 ° C, uS – 160.
List of Fishes and Invertebrates Occurring in the Nature Biotope: Salmo trutta fario, Thymallus thymallus, Gobio gobio, Perca fluviatilis, Squalius cephalus, Phoxinus phoxinus, Barbus barbus, Barbatula barbatula, Astacus astacus.
List of Plants Found in the Nature Biotope: Fontinalis antipyretica
I personally study biotopes my local river for several years, I have been observing changes every year and I am getting to know it again.
Inspiration and biotope example:

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