#219: 202.5L Aquatic Garden Apprentice Of Magician

Emilhan Yılmaz ankara, Turkey

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 90 × 50 × 45 cm
Title Apprentice Of Magician
Volume 202.5L
Background no background used
Lighting creaqua LED Daylight 75 wat 6.00 hours
Filtration 2x ehem pro 4 350 e filters. 1050 l/h x2. two external filters , ahem 11wat uv filter
Plants Bucephalandra 'Wavy Green'
Bucephalandra needle leaf
Bucephalandra 'Blue Theia'
Bucephalandra red mini
Anubia nana
Anubias mini
Anubias Nana 'Petite
Hygrophila pinnatifida
Bolbitis heteroclita difformis
Bolbitis Heudelotii
Eleocharis Parvula Mini
Cryptocoryne parva
Hemianthus callitrichoides 'Cuba
Rotala Green
Eriocaulon cinereum
Microsorum Needle Leaf
Fissidens Fontanus
Fissidens sp.
Flame Moss – Taxiphyllum
Pilo moss
Animals Rasbora argyrotaenia Otocinclus Affinis Corydoras pygmaeus Crossocheilus oblongus Amano shrimp Planorbis corneus
Materials frudo stone landscape soil black wood lava gravel
Additional Information I use npk and micro element fertilizers. I filter the water completely by osmosis and then add kh and gh additives.I dose fertilizer daily. measuring the water every month with test kits
10-20 ppm nitrate
0.5-1 ppm phosphate
0.1-0.5 ppm iron
15-20 ppm potassium
5-8 ppm magnesium
I divide the amount weekly and dosing daily. I am using two 1050 liter/hour external filters. 11 watt uv filter is working continuously, I just stop it for 1 day after water changes. I use live bacteria after every water change. While I was designing this tank like all my other tanks, I made a lot of nature trips and took nature photos.After this process. With the first rock and root I put in the tank, I improvised completely according to my observations.When I finished the tank, a completely original work went crazy.I hope that it is an original work , it will be valuable for you . What makes a nature study valuable is that it is original. I aim to create a miniature eco system in my aquariums that I design and to keep the aquariums alive for years. I don't like short-lived competition tanks. In my current aquarium I have found a completely wonderful natural balance.
Dear AGA team, it is a great honor for me to participate in this wonderful competition that you organize every year. I know that you spent a lot of energy and effort for this competition and I congratulate you. I wish success to all my friends who participated in the competition. with love

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