#223: 54L Aquatic Garden Camurupim

Fernando Moraes Osasco, Brazil

Awards and Comments

Top Ten
Very nice and delicate aquascape. The careful trimming of the plants creating lines is wonderfully done. It was an smart choice to have a reflection on top creating a new and very nice world to see in the surface.
— Juan Puchades Rufino
Vibrant work full of details and rhythm.
However while this rhythm marks the work positively it also makes it monotonous and repetitive.
The work that could be an excellent portrait of a natural environment became an exaggerated scenario mostly because the pruning technique used on the stem plants on the background and on the Callitriche sp on the rock on the right side were too marked and exaggerated completely taking away the naturalness of the layout.
The front is too slanted giving the impression of instability. The hardscape was too covered by plants and to split the void into two parts was not a good idea. The "Floating Rotalas" became completely meaningless.
It is evident that the author has the necessary skills to create an excellent layout but needs to dose more intensity and exaggerate less to represent a Natural scenery.
Less is more and contemplate more of Nature could help in the next work.
You have the skill keep aquascaping.
— Andre Longarço

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 60 × 30 × 30 cm
Title Camurupim
Volume 54L
Background Fundo azul
Lighting Eco-lamps full espectro
Filtration Canister Eheim 2234
Plants Rotala indica, Rotala greem, Rotala Bsd, Hemianthus callitrichoides,Callitriche SP.,Eleocharis japan,Hydrocotylle tripartita,Hygrophila pinnatifida ,flame moss, weeping moss, staurugine repens,anubia mini
Animals Paracheirodon simulans
Materials Substrato fértil Oceantech POWER SOIL

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