#289: 250L Aquatic Garden Autumn in the Valley

Luiz André Lemos de Oliveira Junior Resende, Brazil

Awards and Comments

Top Ten
A classic v-shape landscape in Bbrazilian style.
I like the basic design and the zig-zag path. I also like the arrangement and direction of the stones.
The planting is in and of itself very beautiful. I'm not sure if it wouldn't have been better to let the Rotala bush rise to the surface on the right. But I understand that it was probably about a different weighting and better balance and I don't criticize it for that.
Overall a very nice job!
— Frederic Fuss
A very well worked Brazialian Style aquascape.
Good distribution of elements good proportions power-lines well defined triangles balanced and very colorfull. Textures and good sense of depth.
In resume an aquascape with simple conception but very well done.
— Andre Longarço
It's a beautiful scape there's not really anything wrong with this entry it's just that there was nothing that made it memorable or distinctive from other scapes of this style.
— Hiep Hong

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 100 × 50 × 50 cm
Title Autumn in the Valley
Volume 250L
Background Vinil vinil Branco
Lighting Maxspect Razor F175w (7500 k)
Filtration 2×canister eheim clássico 2217 (600 a 1000 lh) mídia biológica substrat pro eheim e mídia filtrante biomech eheim.
Plants Rotala sp hra, Rotala rotundofolia, Rotala sp Franscisco, Rotala Green, Rotala nanjenshan, marsilea angustifolia , micranthemum (Monte Carlo) , eleocharis mínima, echinodorus tenellus amano, ludwigia sp red , ludwigia brevipes, limnophila Vietnam, hygrophila pinnatifida, bucephalandra sp syntang, bucephalandra (neo Amanda),
Animals 10=Tetra tucano (tucanoichthys , 5 otocinclus affinis, 50 Tetra Kaiser , 50 neon verde (hyphessobycon) e 10 neon negro ( herbertoxebrodi).
Materials Ada Nature aquarius aquasoil amazonia, Power sand adwance m , La Plata sand , Aqua gravel , ryoho stone
Additional Information Limpeza diária das rochas , tpa 2× na semana , fertilização diária linha seachem Aqua vitro e poda feita a cada onze dias e a última poda feita uma semana antes da fotografia final.

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