#335: 307.8L Aquatic Garden Kali Kapas Biru

Denny Suhartono Surabaya, Indonesia


The work you did on your stream is absolutely stunning. Now you just need to bring the planting up to the same level. Maybe it has not had enough time to grow in but at this point it just looks too sparse for your forest stream. Try also to get more elevation into your hardscape to SHOW us that mountainside you want to portray!
— Karen Randall

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 120 × 57 × 45 cm
Title Kali Kapas Biru
Volume 307.8L
Background sandblast sticker
Lighting DIY LED HPL 132 Watt
Filtration Sump Filter
Plants Anubias, Bucephalandra, Lilaeopsis, Cryptocoryne Parva, Montecarlo, Weeping Moss, Ricardia Moss, Christmas Moss, Kabomba, Sessiliflora, Vallisneria Nana, Pinnatifida, Juncus Repens
Animals Rednose Tetra, Red Cherry Shrimps, Yellow Shrimps, Hornsnail
Materials Turly Stone, Santigi Wood, Kisirem Roots, Bakau Wood, Resin Epoxy & Sealant Glue
Additional Information Inspired by the trails and mountains of East Java where I hike regularly, I try to move the beauty and the serenity of nature to my living room. I am elaborating on every detail that I find in the wilderness in this aquascape work. By emphasizing the stream as the focal point of my work, I put forward this philosophy:
"Life is a stream that flows by so quickly; happiness and sorrow come and go day by day. Making each moment count is the best thing we can do to embrace the blessings of life."

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