#340: 242L Aquatic Garden Green treasures

R.A.Sachithra Nuwan gampaha, Sri Lanka

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 120 × 45 × 45 cm
Title Green treasures
Volume 242L
Background foam structure
Lighting planatopia lucerna 1
Filtration sump filter diy system
Plants needle leaf fern, bolibities, trident fren, fissident fontanus moss, peacock moss, rotala green, rotala hra, pearl weed, montecaorlo, hair grass, rainiki mini, anubias, valsaneriya, bucephalandra, japoniya, hydrocrotyle tripatita, pinnatifida, halferi
Animals neon tetra, rummy nose tetra, shrimp, seamise algee eator,
Materials rock, stone, driftwood
Additional Information 6 hour on light , use planatopia bloom and ultra, 3 time 25% water change per week and i used seachem excle for algee
i was try to get a good quality picture in my DSLR camara, but i couldn't, because it is not high resolution camara, even if i was try it my best

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