#372: 232.8L Aquatic Garden Dragon Curve Valley

Narongrit Dantragoon Chiang Mai, Thailand


A well-kept underwater garden.
The intense colors and strong color contrasts feel overwhelming.
The small path is well placed. The overall design still does not look like a landscape but rather like a plant display with a few elements that represent a visual division of space.
It is something special and I can certainly appreciate it in its glory!
— Frederic Fuss
Beautiful plant health and colors used.
— Hiep Hong

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 115 × 45 × 45 cm
Title Dragon Curve Valley
Volume 232.8L
Background white screen
Lighting 2 LED Chihiros Vivid2 Lights
Filtration Atman 3338
Plants Vesicularia montagnei
mini crystal moss
Taxiphyllum 'Flame'
bucephalandra sp.
bucephalandra moss
Hemianthus Callitrichoides
hemianthus micranthemoides
staurogyne repens
rotala colorata
Rotala 'H'ra'
Rotala rio
Myriophyllum mattogrossense green
Animals 30 of Albino Pristella Tetra (Pristella Maxillaris)
Materials Crazy stone substrate
Dragon stone hardscape

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