#380: 272L Aquatic Garden Tree Of Life

Selçuk Durmaz Malatya, Turkey


Your aquascape has very strong bones. But it would be even so much stronger if your gorgeous central tree was moved to the 1/3 spot. I would move it right but in either direction would be SO much better than right in the middle! Remember your rule of thirds!!!
— Karen Randall

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 110 × 55 × 45 cm
Title Tree Of Life
Volume 272L
Background led panel lighting
Lighting Life Aqua Master Pro 2*54 w
Filtration Jbl 1200 external filter and eheim surface cleaner
Plants China moss,Fissidens Fox moss,Pilo moss,Flame Moss,Marsilea Hirsuta,Anubias nana petite,,Bucephalandra Apple Leaf,Bucephalandra Red Mini,Bucephalandra Velvet,Bucephalandra Catherinae Red Mini,Hygrophila Pinnatifida,Lots of Eriocaulon cinereum,sp japan,Red Tiger Lotus,Narrow ,Microsorum pteropus "Narrow" (Java Fern),Ludwigia sp. Super red
Animals 30 Hyphessobrycon herbertaxelrodi black neon tetra,Red shrimp
Materials Frodo Stone,Ribbed Wood,Ada amazonia powder,Creaqua Beige Aquarium Sand
Additional Information The final moment of the aquarium lasted for a total of 5 months.20% water change, general maintenance and fertilization were done twice a week.

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