#386: 63L Aquatic Garden In the middle

Agung rai Denpasar, Indonesia


A beautiful classic central structure that is far too seldom seen today.
The planting is playful and overall there are very strong contrasts.
Maybe a little less contrast would have been better.
In addition I would have liked a little more cleanliness on the glass and on the branches.
Definitely a refreshing layout!
— Frederic Fuss

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 60 × 30 × 35 cm
Title In the middle
Volume 63L
Background Gradation lamp
Lighting DIY 50watt lamp
Filtration EXternal filter DIY
Plants Montecarlo, javafern mini, alternanthera reineckii rosanervig, hidrokotil tripartita, bucephalandra, anubias petit, higrophila pinatifida, rotala green, rotala hra, fissiden moss, weeping moss, cristmast moss.
Animals 6 black neon tetra
Materials Soil, santigi wood, cracked stone

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