#408: 500L Aquatic Garden Garden of Eden

Kwong Kam Pui Hong Kong, Hong Kong


This is a very beautiful take on the well-known theme of a silent forest with heavily moss-covered trunks.
I like the structure very much it is very stringent and puristic in its execution.
Personally I find the use of almost exclusively Riccardia moss very appealing. The Staurogyne with its delicate light green is perhaps not the optimal complement. The very light sand does not quite meet my taste. The white of the background is found here so that the impression of a large whole is supported but I would have preferred a more believable background with a few small details.
Definitely a job well done. congratulations!
— Frederic Fuss
Very nice forest!
Everything was placed perfectly. Good perspective healthy plants focal point in perfect place natural path design but everything is too perfect. The monochromatic green of the plants and the pure white of the sand sounded too pure and consequently unnatural.
Certainly if they were used different plants with different shapes of leaves and textures the forest would be much more natural.
Even if the author desired to work only with green colour different tons of green would be very welcome because they will give a more natural appearance.
But anyway it is a great job just think about the naturalness of things.
Congratulations!!! Well done.
— Andre Longarço

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 135 × 65 × 60 cm
Title Garden of Eden
Volume 500L
Background Riccardia graeffei
Lighting 54w T5 x 4
Filtration Hydor P10 BC800 1500L/H
Plants Riccardia graeffei Phoenix Moss
Animals Cardinal Tetra
Materials rocks

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