#464: 270L Dutch Aquascape Contraste de colores

Williams Alexander Vasquez Hernández Guatemala, Guatemala


There are 30 listed species. While most plants look healthy a 120 cm tank like this should have 12 species...may be 13 or 14 if you include mosses. But not more.

As a result plant groups lack definition and contrast. It becomes very difficult to impart a sense of contrast between plants when there are so many species. This underscores the need for a separate holding tank to house species non essential for this contest.

Please remove all filtration equipment before photography.


PRO-TIP: there is a rarely discussed part of Dutch scaping that I call 'Days-to-Peak.' Understanding this and applying this knowledge would have greatly improved the ranking on this entry.

Days-to-Peak (DTP) is the number of days it takes for a species to grow to perfect height and volume after a trim. DTP is different for every species and every tank. Given your light CO2 and fertilizer dosing Ludwigia inclinata Pantanal may take only 5 days after a trim to reach peak appearance of perfect height and volume. Whereas Rotala may require 10 days. Knowing the number of days it takes for each of your species to reach its peak or best appearance after a trim is critical. Knowing this tells you when to trim each plant so they all reach the perfect height and volume when you are ready to photograph the tank for competition. Maintaining the same species for a few months without changing light ferts and CO2 and observing them daily while keeping excellent records will help you determine the DTP for every species. Experimenting with dosing or CO2 while getting ready for a competition means your DTP will keep changing. Without knowing DTPs for each plant entries will look too freshly trimmed or overgrown.

More scaping tips here: https://www.aquatic-gardeners.org/Articles/Vin-Dutch/
— Vin Kutty
Unfortunately I have to score this as a tank still under development. Plant groups still need to grow and all technical equipment shouuld be hidden from sight.

As a tip: try to avoid putting a lot of red/orange plants next to each other and work with bigger groups.
— Marco Aukes
30 Species of plants is far too many for a Dutch Style tank of this size. Groups too many and too small. Make a selection. Technical equipment is too visible. The schools of fish should be enlarged.
— Bart Laurens

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 120 × 50 × 45 cm
Title Contraste de colores
Volume 270L
Background Vinil negro
Lighting 1 Timer analogico
Filtration 2 Canister caseros de 1,500 litros hora.
Plants Cryptocorine Nuri
Cryptocorine Parva
Cryptocorine valansea
Ludwigia repens
Ludwigia arcuata
Ludwigia súper red mini
Alternanthera reineki
Alternanthera reineki mini
Penthorum sedoides
Pogostemon erectus
Pogostemon helferi
Bacopa caroliniana
Bacopa monnieri
Amania bonsái
Lysimachia numelaria
Acmella repens
Didiplis diandra
Helanthium tenellum
Alternanthera rosanerving
Cabomba furcata
Proserpinaca palustris
Rotala rotundifolia
Nymphaea Lotus tiger red
Hydrocotyle leucocephala
Hydrocotyle tripartita
Ammania gracilis
Hygrophila corymbosa
Hygrophila diformis
Myriophyllum simulans
Shinnersia rivularis.
Animals 3 guramis
3 monjitas
1 corydora
4 rasbora arlequín
8 tetra ember
8 platys
1 guppy
Additional Information Está cimentado con sustrato nutritivo casero a base de humus de lombriz y sellado con arena volcánica negra, la inspiración salió de varias fotos que miraba en internet, me gustó mucho el estilo holandes y poco a poco modifique el montaje inicial hasta llegar al actual, utilizo abonos de Prodac nutronflora y nutronferro aditando cada 15 días 40 mililitros de cada uno, también aditando potasio cada 3 días 36 mililitros, mantenimiento de cristales a diario, parcial cada 8 días del 40%, fotoperiodo de 6 horas al día con co2 5 burbujas por segundo.

[It is founded with homemade nutrient substrate based on worm humus and sealed with black volcanic sand, the inspiration came from several photos I looked at on the internet, I really liked the Dutch style and gradually modify the initial assembly to reach the current one, I use Prodac nutronflora and nutronferro fertilizers adding every 15 days 40 milliliters of each one, also adding potassium every 3 days 36 milliliters, maintenance of crystals daily, partial every 8 days of 40%, photoperiod of 6 hours a day with co2 5 bubbles per second.]
Soy un acuarista que inicio en plantados hace un año, todo lo utilizado en el montaje es hecho por mi desde la base, tanque, filtración e iluminación los elabore de forma casera, sin perder elegancia y funcionalidad.

[I am an aquarist who started in planted a year ago, everything used in the assembly is made by me from the base, tank, filtration and lighting elaborated them in a homemade way, without losing elegance and functionality.]

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