#491: 1.2L Wabi-Kusa grassy

Rigan gesang ade ginanjar Bengkulu, Indonesia

Awards and Comments

Top Five
This is a beautiful arrangement with very impressive plant care. Clear attention has been placed in the long-term husbandry of both emersed and submerged plants which pays off with a densely-grown in bowl of foliage.

Flowers are plentiful signaling to the viewer that plants are in good health. The usage of color and textural variation is successful. The trails of Hydrocotyle tripartita cascading down the bowl and climbing the driftwood give a clear indication of age and attention to detail.

The hardscape itself feels static due to the even spacing of all four pieces which do not benefit the arrangement. The container itself with its driftwood base fights for visual attention with the display. I find myself yearning to see this display without any wood at all both in the bowl and also on the base.

Overall this is a well-executed work with great skill that is clearly evident. Well done.
— Jack McCarley
This is very pretty and presented beautifully! I love the way it is set up on the wood. The wood in the arrangement could be a little stronger both in shape and placement.
— Karen Randall
Gorgeous and healthy Wabi Kusa. The incorporation of the hardscape really sets this Wabi Kusa apart and the mix of different aquatic plants provides good color and texture. Well done!
— Bailin Shaw
The plant selection color and variety of leaves looks great. I would have changed the positioning of the wood however to provide more asymmetry and something that offsets the wood base.
— JoAnn Fujii

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 15 × 12 × 7 cm
Title grassy
Volume 1.2L
Background black
Lighting kandila S series
Filtration manual
Plants buce plandra,ludwigia sp red,hidrocotil,,hydrocotilr tripartita,montecarlo,rotala green
Animals non
Materials prodibio ball wabikusa, lokal stone,lokal sand,rasamala wood
Additional Information frien

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