#522: 61.2L Biotope Aquascape 南美树桩微岛屿景观 [South American tree stump micro island landscape]

王继柯 四川省达州市大竹县, China

Awards and Comments


Unfortunately this aquarium cannot be considered a biotope because species that naturally live on different continents were used (for example Angelfish and Hygrophila pinnatifida).
— Petra Bašić
l think this aquarium should not be in biotope category.
— Mert Aykuta
Not a biotope fish are man-made and from South America some plants are Asian.
— Karen Randall

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 50 × 35 × 35 cm
Title 南美树桩微岛屿景观 [South American tree stump micro island landscape]
Volume 61.2L
Background 黄绿背景纸
Lighting 全光谱水草灯一个
Filtration 滤桶
Plants 雨裂水蓑衣 小水榕 虎耳草 阿根廷皇冠 [Rain Cracked Water Demoiselle Small Water Ficus Tiger Ears Argentine Crown]
Animals 秘鲁神仙鱼两条 熊猫神仙鱼三条 红绿灯鱼十条 花椒鼠鱼两条 青鳉一两条 [Two Peruvian fairy fish, three panda fairy fish, ten red and green lamprey, two peppered rat fish, one or two medaka]
Materials 紫柚木 熔岩火山石 鼠沙 水草泥 [Purple teak wood Lava volcanic stone Mouse sand Watercress mud]
Additional Information 淡水熔岩河床景观 [Freshwater lava bed landscape]

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