#554: 2L Wabi-Kusa Hanami

Loheac Emilie Plaintel, France

Awards and Comments

First Place
This wabi kusa embodies the artform to its core - in all aspects. The wabi kusa itself the hardscape and the vessel that contains it.

The wabi kusa grows beautifully with clearly evident flowers showcasing healthy plant growth across the entire display. The plants grow out evenly in all directions intermixing with the hardscape that becomes a textural element that contrasts well against the soft leaves of the Bacopa monnieri and Marsilea crenata. Eleocharis vivipara a species that frequently demands much of the grower when emersed is grown expertly and compliments the ragged imperfect hardscape well.

The individual stem of Alternanthera sessilis becomes a focal point amongst the mat of alternating shades of green which pairs well to the ceramic which in of itself is a prime example of how a container alone can elevate a wabi kusa.

The ceramic does not compete with the wabi kusa for visual interest or the viewer's attention; however upon further examination incredible detail can become apparent to those who take the time to stop and notice it. These fine details are what define wabi kusa as an artform the celebration of isolated grasses growing freely.

This wabi kusa encompasses all of the qualities of this artform skillfully and with careful nuance. Incredible work.
— Jack McCarley
I absolutely love the pot and the way it is able to incorporate the Wabi Kusa ball. A bit more of the Alternanthera to provide more of a pop of red and some more height would really bring this Wabi Kusa to the next level. Loved the little flowers from the Bacopa. Great job!
— Bailin Shaw
This is a pretty delicate Wabi Kusa beautifully presented. The epitome of what Wabi Kusa means to me and allowed to grow out naturally. The bowl is lovely as the use of a proper Wabi Kusa ball makes it easy to change the water in the bowl and clean the display.
— Karen Randall
The leaf shape contrast and color is nice along with the surprising wood shapes.
— JoAnn Fujii

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 20 × 20 × 5 cm
Title Hanami
Volume 2L
Background Nothing
Lighting Horticultural Led 7w
Filtration Nothing
Plants - Bacopa monnieri
- Ludwigia sp mini red
- Ludwigia sp arcuata
- Hemianthus micranthemoides
- Alternanthera sessilis
- Micranthemum umbrosum
- Hydrocotyle tripartita
- Marsilea crenata
- Myriophyllum sp guyana
- Eleocharis vivipara
- Taxiphyllum sp Spiky moss
- Salvinia natans
Animals Nothing
Materials Erica cinerea wood
Additional Information Bowl handmade by a ceramist and specially designed for wabikusa balls

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