#580: 40L Aquatic Garden Mythical Rocks

Ramoncito Ragas Hilongos, Philippines

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 45 × 30 × 30 cm
Title Mythical Rocks
Volume 40L
Background bright diamond aquatic lightscreen
Lighting wgrb 6hrs per day
Filtration canister filter
Plants christmas moss, flame moss, phoenix moss, anubias petite japan, bucephalandra mini catheriane, bucephalandra mini brownie phantom, myriophyllum sp.
Animals harleyquin rasbora, neon tetra, black molly, red cherry shrimp, siamese algae eater
Materials lava rocks and root woods.
Additional Information good day everyone.., i am very happy with this event happening now where i can submit for the first time.. I want to share my creation for the first time. I made this kind of layout which i plan to be design into a 45cm tank. after all my decision i decide it to have a cave layout output that is form into more rocks structure.. it is hard but i pass the big step on how to construct it and form it accordingly. adding some details on the rocks and having it connected which there is a two bridge connecting each other.. this layout inspired me a lot during we hunt for moss in our place. we hunt moss on the place where there is a lot of cave structure.. and also we enjoy it swimming around and having good vibes to nature :)

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