#581: 180L Aquatic Garden Forest Spirit

Han-Hsuan Chen Tainan, Taiwan

Awards and Comments

Second Place
Very special tank. In this work we can feel the author's great touch and sensitivity for reproducing Nature. This is the best approach to a natural scene of the category. Even in a simple expression this tank gives us everything we need to select it as the best of the category.
— Juan Puchades Rufino
Strong and impactful layout!
Awesome hardscape job natural strong and dynamic.
The path is so natural and the atmosphere below the big log is awesome.
Despite the great perspective line the layout has few layers which means that we are close to the scene.
So because of that I'm missing more details mostly in the foreground to middleground. More plants hardscape and details are necessary in these areas because it is a close up layout not a wide landscape.
But anyway it is well done and is a tremendous layout that deserves my sincere congratulations!!!
— Andre Longarço
Breathtaking and outstanding layout.
Really enjoy this magnificent piece of wood perfectly reproducing a natural atmosphere.

Amazing job.
— Jhonny Vanegas Cardenas

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 90 × 50 × 40 cm
Title Forest Spirit
Volume 180L
Lighting HAGEN T5 39W*1
Filtration TETRA EX 120
Plants Limnophila sp. ''south america, Myriophyllum spicatum from Philippines, Microsorium pteropus “Trident, Taiwan mini Moss, Bolbitis heudelotii, Lilaeopsis brasiliensis, Bucephalandra
Animals Hyphessobrycon elachys

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