#602: 6.4L Wabi-Kusa Trident of Nature

Dipen Debnath Kolkata, India


This arrangement offers a wide variety of plants and exciting textures though plant health falls into question in regard to a number of species. Humidity damage along the edges of your Hydrocotyle verticillata as well as their constrained / misaligned leaf position indicates poor plant health - frequently attributed to low humidity. The same can be said for the high humidity-demanding species in this display like the Anubias which depicts humidity damage.

The Mopani wood is exciting and provides great visual interest to the display as a whole. A very fun first display.
— Jack McCarley
I like that you chose to use varying plants of different colors. However it's difficult to see the plants from the front shot as they probably should have grown up a bit.
— JoAnn Fujii

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 30 × 18 × 12 cm
Title Trident of Nature
Volume 6.4L
Background NA
Lighting onf flat nano plus
Filtration NA
Plants helanthium tenellus
hydrocotyle tripartita Mini
hydrocotyle verticillata
alternanthera reineckii
juncus repens
juncus repens Red
ludwigia repens
bacopa caroliniana
taxiphyllum barbieri
vesicularia montagnei
anubias gracilis
anubias glabra
Animals NA
Materials mopani wood
Lava rock
seiryu stone black
Dooa jungle base
Dooa jungle soil
Dooa tropical river sand
sphagnum moss
Additional Information My 1st Wabi Kisa

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