#632: 18.4L Aquatic Garden Morning Forest

Leung Chung Hin Hong Kong, China


Nice and elaborate. I just need some more time for this aquascape. Also the moss trimming should be more natural.
— Juan Puchades Rufino
Good work and very detailed with strong shadows and dynamism.
However the thing that could improve the overall look of the aquarium would be a better ratio between hardscape materials and the display. The trunks are very thick and the rocks could have smaller details or dimensions.
Even the few grains of aquasoil on the foreground announce this disproportion.
This is perhaps the great difficulty in working with very small aquariums obtaining proportional hardscape material.
But very good job keep aquascaping!!!
— Andre Longarço
This is a beautiful scape very intricate and delicate in its development. However in my opinion this tank is a bit overstocked for its size. Above all else if animals are included their welfare must be considered first.
— Karen Randall
Interesting layout the main idea is not really clear because it would be nice if you take care about trimming and maybe a month more for the final picture. Anyway love this scape.

Keep scaping
— Jhonny Vanegas Cardenas

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 40 × 20 × 23 cm
Title Morning Forest
Volume 18.4L
Lighting Opnova 450
Filtration Eden 511

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