#647: 53L Aquatic Garden Atillo

Gastón Zambrano Quito, Ecuador


A nice little diorama.
Personally I have difficulties with picturesque depictions of landscapes.
Still there are some aspects that I find very successful here.
The use of the mirror and the round pebbles in the foreground create a great effect.
The use of space I find a little strange. Personally I would have moved the mountains a bit to the left or right.
Also the stones you chose are not very convincing mountains.
Nonetheless I appreciate your efforts to create a realistic picture.
— Frederic Fuss
I love your little diorama and your little mirror lake. However it would have worked much better if you had stuck to all one kind of rock except perhaps right around the edge of your "pond". The big round rocks do not read as natural with the craggy mountains behind them.
— Karen Randall
Impressively perfect.
Everything in this work is exactly in place perfectly designed and executed.
This creates an ambiguous feeling in my evaluation because while everything is very clean clear and perfect on the other hand it bothers me exactly because of that.
In an aquascaping contest it would be interesting to see the reproduction of a natural environment or the creation of a new scenario but everything that is natural follows the Wabi Sabi concepts where the imperfection of things makes them truly beautiful and attractive.
For the first time in my career as a judge I felt this emotion.
I couldn't give it a different rating for his excellent work as an aquatic gardener but honestly I missed seeing Nature through your soul.
Congratulations but more Wabi Sabi please.
— Andre Longarço

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 60 × 30 × 30 cm
Title Atillo
Volume 53L
Background wall white paint
Lighting chihiros wrgb 2
Filtration Oase filtosmart thermo 100
Plants Taxiphyllum sp "Flame”
Taxiphyllum alternans “Taiwan”
Vesicularia montagnei "Christmas Moss"
Hemianthus callitrichoides “Cuba”
Micranthemum monte carlo
Animals 9x Axelrodia riesei
Materials azoo plant grower bed
Seiryu Stone
River rocks

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