#663: 31.5L Wabi-Kusa Nature in my house

Asaftei Adrian Cristian Ploiesti, Romania


I like the use of varied leaf shapes and colors along with the wood. I would have trimmed some of the longer plants and also kept the wood in a more natural flow.
— JoAnn Fujii
Emersed growth of this plant arrangement is very established and in good health. I question if this display would be more successful without in the addition of Red Moor wood.

The usage of L. palustris amongst other green species provides great contrast. Well done.
— Jack McCarley
Nicely arranged Wabi Kusa and unique use of the glass container. I would be afraid I'd spill water everywhere! Although the wood is nicely incorporated some of the pieces are too large and overpower the overall design. Nicely done.
— Bailin Shaw
The planting itself here is quite pretty and the vessel it has been placed in is nice. Unfortunately the wood is coarse and no care has been taken in terms of the directionality of the placement of the pieces. Make sure that the wood that you use flows and adds to your piece rather then leading the eye away from it.
— Karen Randall

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 30 × 30 × 35 cm
Title Nature in my house
Volume 31.5L
Plants Ludvigia arcuata, Ludvigia mini red, Hidocotyle tripartita, Hygrophila rosanervig, bacopa monieri, Ludvigia palustris
Materials red moor

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