#694: 182.2L Dutch Aquascape StarDust

Miguel Ángel García Villalbilla , Los Hueros, Spain

Awards and Comments

Top Five
The photograph submitted is blurry on the left.

This tank has an adequate amount of contrast so that's not the problem. I like the restraint used to limit red plants.

It's a lush and soothing scene but there are some problem areas:
- there is a slight overage in species count
- the tank is symmetrical and divided by the placement of a bright green bush near the geometric center
- do not place red or yellow plants in the corners because it draws the eyes away from the focal point (there is some stunting with the Ammannia)...always use plants that you can consistently grow well. Do not add challenging plants like Ammannia to a competition tank.
- the front left area is not defined there appears to be a row of 5 plants of roughly the same height in the back and a row of 5 plants of roughly the same height in the front.

There is a rarely discussed part of Dutch scaping that I call 'Days-to-Peak.' Understanding this applying this knowledge would have greatly improved the ranking on this entry.

More scaping tips here: https://www.aquatic-gardeners.org/Articles/Vin-Dutch/
— Vin Kutty
Immediately this scape stands out amongst the rest and is marked as a potential winner. Strong and clear groups of plants that have high contrasts against each other. The tank also seems to have an unlimited depth. To me there is just 1 small spot that does not work out well: the left front corner.
— Marco Aukes
I miss a lot of information about this tank. This tank is a little small for the Congo salmons. I also see one Melanotaenia ??
— Bart Laurens

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 90 × 45 × 45 cm
Title StarDust
Volume 182.2L

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