#704: 72L Aquatic Garden Hutan lamo curup

Agus Effendi Bengkulu, Indonesia

Awards and Comments

Second Place
Excellent work very detailed and dramatic!
The perspective line is very simple but it works what could be improved is if the void was moved more toward the golden ratio instead of being right in the center of the montage. In this case shifting the void to the left would automatically increase the perspective line and give even more depth and focal length to the work!
Despite having many trunks they are arranged very naturally which doesn't give that feeling very common in forest layouts of repetition of roots and monotony.
Well-crafted and distributed shadows and the highest point of the work is on the central path very well done and with a very natural atmosphere. I want to walk through it. :-)
Maybe other smaller fish would be more suitable but either way this is a work that gives me huge pleasure to look at!
My sincere congratulations!
— Andre Longarço
Best technical work of the category. The author expressed perfect understanding of natural growth of roots. Just a bit lacking of different green colours and even some spots of warm elements made this aquascape a bit monotonous for me. In any case a brilliant work.
— Juan Puchades Rufino
This is really beautiful. The work in the wood and your use of perspective is wonderful though it would be even better if not so centered. I would have liked to see the use of other plants than just moss and I think you could have found a better choice of fish than the zebra danios. Their light color detracts rather than adds to your scape and their zippy movement has made it impossible for you to capture them without blur with the camera you had available to you.
— Karen Randall
Techniques skills patience and love is here in this layout it’s pretty organized well planned and exquisite taste. The perspective is emphasized in the well-designed roots. Dynamic composition that gives us the impression of naturalness all the way around.
— Jhonny Vanegas Cardenas

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 60 × 40 × 30 cm
Title Hutan lamo curup
Volume 72L
Background Backlight kandila 60 cm
Lighting Kandilla s 600
Kandilla z 600
Filtration Canister, UGF
Plants Buchepalandra moss
Mini ricardia
Moss peacok
Animals Yellow dahio zebra
Red cherry shrimp
Turbo snail
Materials Rentek woods, santigi pasir, rasmala woods
Plantasia sands

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