#707: 36L Paludarium Sea Sea UK

Sigit Khoerul Rhomadhin Kuningan, Indonesia


The hardscape you have created has clearly been crafted with care and planted just the same. That being said the submerged portion of this paludarium is lacking that same sensitivity to detail. The leftmost side both front and rear corners would benefit tremendously from additional rockwork to continue the gesture. I also encourage you to reconsider your stocking options.
— Jack McCarley
The planting in the water area is incidental. A paludarium is meant to be a lush display of plants above and below the water. Unfortunately you have not got either at least at this point in time. You have done a nice job with your hard scape Perhaps in another year your moss and ferns will fill in above the water. You will then need to really work on it below the water to make it match. You also need to re-think your inhabitants so that you have a more suitable community.
— Karen Randall
The land area is very impactful! It would have been great to pay more attention to detail in the underwater portion. Some small crushed up lava stones could add a nice transition between the stones plants and sand.
— Alex Vella

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 60 × 40 × 15 cm
Title Sea Sea UK
Volume 36L
Background Black sticker
Lighting 2 set led from Kandila
Filtration Undergrafel filter
Plants Java Fern, hidrokotil, moss weeping, java moss, ect.
Animals 5 chiclid, 1 moly, 4 redpin
Materials Lava rock, silika sand
Additional Information It's my dream

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