#713: 55.8L Aquatic Garden Red Garden

Vedushee Devi Nandlal Curepipe, Mauritius

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 50 × 31 × 36 cm
Title Red Garden
Volume 55.8L
Background light screen
Lighting chihiros WRGB slim 2
Filtration ista canister
Plants Rotala HRA, Rotala Totundifolia, Alternantera mini,
Pinatifida, Wipping Moss, Fissiden Moss, Java fern petite, Montecarlo, Pearl Weed, Anubias nana petite, Bucephalandra, Bolbitis Fern
Animals Endler Guppys, Corydoras Sterbai, Flying Fox
Materials Ista Aquasoil, malaysian driftwood
Additional Information The tank is 8 months old.
Fertilisation: Dennerle Scaper green
Special Substrate: Dennerle deponit mix 10 in 1

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