#714: 25.9L Aquatic Garden Meditations

Turjo Ghosh Kolkata, India


This tank has way too many fish in it for its size and many of the fish should be kept in large schools of their own kind.
— Karen Randall

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 36 × 20 × 36 cm
Title Meditations
Volume 25.9L
Background Scenario vynile.
Lighting Sunsun ADS 400c
Filtration Sunsun HBL 83
Plants hydrocotyle tripartita mini
anubias gold
alternanthera reineckii
cryptocoryne wendtii
pogostemon stellatus dassen
juncus repens
Tropica brown
Red amazon
Peacock moss
Animals 1 rummy nose tetra
1 bumble bee goby
4 green neon tetra
4 ember tetra
2 nannostomus backfordi
4 copper tetra
1 assassin snail
2 siamese algae eater
2 Chinese algae eater
2 veiltail surpae tetra
Materials Dragon stone
Ada amazon soil version 2
Seiryu rock
Driftwood bonsai.
Additional Information Ok.

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