#724: 663.3L Aquatic Garden An Unseen colony of 100,000 worms.

Varun Kamat Skokie, United States

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 183 × 46 × 76 cm
Title An Unseen colony of 100,000 worms.
Volume 663.3L
Background Black painted insulation foam outside the back glass.
Lighting 3 Finnex Planted+ 12-48 inch lights
1 Finnex Monster Ray 48 inch.
Filtration Two Sponge Filters. 1 rated for 100 gallon tanks plus 1 rated for 40 gallon tanks. Runs off air manifold supplied by Alita Air Pump
Plants Java Moss, Flame Moss, Dwarf Sagittaria, Bucephalandra (various species), dwarf bladderwort.
Animals ~1000+ Red Taitibee Shrimp (Caridina logemanni x serrata), ~300 Red Rams Horn Snails, ~100 ostracods, unknown quantity of detritus worms probably in the 10,000’s . Numbers are estimates based on sampling smaller sections of the tank.
Materials Driftwood. Dragonstone, Unglazed White Ceramic Ornaments, Substrate bed is 1 inch of red clay bottom + 4 inches of peagravel mid + 2 inches of SL Aqua Nature Soil Cap.
Additional Information The main goal of this setup was to create a long lasting tank that would generate its own humic and fulvic acids over time through the decomposition of waste in the deeper than typical substrate bed. This was meant to allow for a setup that continues the lifecycle of the aquasoil beyond the expected 1-2 years. The approach aside from that was to allow the tank to grow out on its own. The plants all started off a small clippings. Some species have thrived, others have marked out small territories and are slowly but steadily growing over many years, some other have died off. There is nothing fancy here, just a low tech tank that is fed twice a week, and allowed to exist. Occasionally filters are cleaned, and some moss is trimmed, and snails are harvested for introduction in other tanks.
Ceramic pieces designed and crafted by txg_ceramics

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