#209: 63L Aquatic Garden into the deep forest

Muhammad yusuf pekalongan, Indonesia

Awards and Comments

Third Place
Hyperrealistic work of art! Beautiful details well done.
— Nigel Hoevenaar
Excellent forest style layout.
Use of several planes and a lot of dynamics in the positioning of the trunks. This dynamic and correct choice of trunk thickness gave an excellent sense of perspective and depth.
However I understand that the density of the bushes could have been much better as well as the number of lost trunks is also high remember less is more.
In conclusion it is an excellent example of Forest Layout but be careful because in the secondary photo the golden ratio and the rule of thirds does not apply in the way it is presented.
— Andre Longarco
This is a piece that showcases incredible detail in a small-sized tank indicating the artist's high level of skill. Personally I wonder how it might have looked if the photos were a bit brighter but it seems the intention was to evoke the feeling of dawn. Additionally from the additional photos submitted it appears that you might have used the golden ratio as a reference in creating the artwork. Your ability assures that you can create fantastic artwork even without adhering to a specific ratio. Conforming to a specific ratio can risk making a piece feel rigid. I'd love to see more significant-sized pieces from you. It feels like a magnificent masterpiece is in the making. Thank you for sharing this fantastic artwork and congratulations!
— Cho Jaesun

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 60 × 35 × 30 cm
Title into the deep forest
Volume 63L
Background PVC board white and lamp
Lighting weekaqua z200 pro
Filtration sunsun hw-604b x2
Plants Java mini Moss
weeping Moss
ricardia mini moss
hairgrass mini tropica
hairgrass parvula
anubis petite
rotala nanjansen
Animals glow light tetra
red Cherry shrimp
Materials soil,sand,criket stone,house bactery,Casuarina equisetifolia root
Additional Information 2 pump liquid fertilizer /day
2x water change /week

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