#627: 60L Aquatic Garden River of silver

Carlos Souza São Paulo, Brazil

Awards and Comments

Second Place
A work with a very pleasing flow towards the vanishing point. I would´ve liked to see a bit more busy stems in the background and a more interesting detailed foreground with movement. Anyway congratulations!
— Nigel Hoevenaar
Wonderful aquarium!
The proportion achieved in this assembly is impressive it looks like a 120cm aquarium. It has monumental proportions thanks to the correct choice of plants and hardscape material. It is true that the low height helps with this visual issue but credit to the author for these choices.
I liked the dynamics of the work and I am a confessed fan of these rocks. However because they are lighter almost white plants with darker green could be used to highlight them even more. Precisely the lightest green plants were used but nothing that would discredit the work.
Despite the attempt to work the front of layout it remained on the edge of monotony. Cosmetic gravel of another shade would be better in this case with the use of small rocks of varying sizes would help create a less minimalist look.
The reflection on the right side is perfect while the one on the left could be improved both in the upper portion and in the extreme posterior portion.
And just one more suggestion as both sides had the same priority of scale and height more shadows or more personality in one side of the work would complete this beautiful work with more strength and harmony.
Congratulations I wish I had an aquarium like this in my office!
— Andre Longarco
The ability to maintain an aquarium clean and beautifully presented is one of the most crucial qualities for an aquascaper. This piece showcases a highly advanced level in this regard. Despite using challenging stones the aquatic plants appear to be in excellent health. The selection and arrangement of the aquatic plants are remarkable. However the cluster of plants in the top right corner appears a bit congested. Nevertheless the overall feel is grand and beautiful. Thank you for sharing this fantastic piece of work.
— Cho Jaesun

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 60 × 40 × 25 cm
Title River of silver
Volume 60L
Background White
Lighting Chihiros Wrgb
Filtration 2 Canister Eheim 2213
Plants Eleocharis Parvula
H.Calitrichoides Cuba
Monte Carlo
Bucephalandra sp
Staurogine sp
Pogostemon Helferi
Utriculária Graminifolia
H.Tripartita mini
Rotala Nanjencham
Rotala Wallichi
Musgo Flame
Musgo Fissidens
Musgo Riccardia
Musgo Nambei
Animals Inpaichthys kerri
Materials Substrate Mbreda

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