#272: 359L Aquatic Garden zenith

liang jin foshan, China

Awards and Comments

Second Place
The use of pieces of wood to represent stalactites is just beautifully done as is the lighting. It is dim but just bright ENOUGH that we can see your details in spite of the glaringly bright "sun" spot at the "top". Really top quality work.
— Karen Randall
Wow! Another favorite of mine. Looking at the picture you seem to be transported to some mysterious underwater world as if you find yourself in a cave that fascinates with its beauty of colors the sun breaking through the opening creating a cozy atmosphere around you. It's wonderful!
— Tereza Lazar
This artwork stands out with many 'wow' elements displaying a perfect composition. It leaves one curious about the process behind the hardscape construction. There is much to see and learn from this piece. While the composition primarily holds a horizontal formation the vertical elements complement it appropriately. It's a representative piece that demonstrates the importance of balance in layout within aquascaping. Thank you for your wonderful work. Congratulations.
— Cho Jaesun

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 120 × 60 × 50 cm
Title zenith
Volume 359L
Background 水葆泥,化妆沙
Lighting 72*2W
Filtration 水葆底板过滤23W
Plants 三角莫斯,珊瑚莫斯,辣椒榕,波尼利椒草,鹿角矮珍珠,迷你水榕,迷你瓦里斯榕,叉叶铁皇冠,黑木蕨,红宫廷,日本星珍珠
Animals 喷火灯,草虾
Materials 杜鹃根,沉木,火山石
Additional Information A natural view from a sinkhole

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