#315: 6.4L Riparium Mountain Forrest

Frank Koper Zandvoort, Netherlands

Awards and Comments

Second Place
I really enjoy the way you combined the graphic stone shape and the fine branches. That contrast can also be found in the planting with the Ludwigia in the foreground and the Pogostomen Erectus in the back. It's a lovely technique for achieving depth in a terrestrial setting. And the mosses dotting the layout back to front is a beautiful touch.

I do think the stonework in the submersed foreground could use even more fine detail work. The existing detail stones have that "just added" feeling. So adding them sooner to allow them to develop the patina that your other stones have would also add to the overall impression. The trimming of the Pogostomen Erectus and growth would benefit from much more density.

Beautiful work!
— Ryan Noel
Use of mosses in combination with plants gives this depth and perspective along with the water section that extends from the emersed section.
— Jo Ann Fujii
Oh I LOVE this!!! I love the cohesion between the land and water areas and the lighting works well letting us really see what is going on. And you got your Pogostemon to bloom at the right time! Bravo! I know that it was probably a choice to take the photo then for the flowers. But it would have been PERFECT if you had been able to trim down your Rotala and allow them to grow a bit bushier rather than straight up. But again I understand the choice you made!
— Karen Randall

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 30 × 18 × 12 cm
Title Mountain Forrest
Volume 6.4L
Background Non
Lighting Chihiros c2
Filtration Amazon usb pump
Plants Bucephalandra mini needle leaf
Riccardia Chamedryfolia
Pogestemon erectus
Proserpinaca palustris
Rotala RotundifoliaHra
Animals 5x neocaridina crystal black (bee)
Materials Geostone and juniper wood
Ada la plata sand and soil
Additional Information Waterfall is added with a tiny pump
Small dooa shallow with a tiny waterfall (usb pump) my inspiration came when i found the hardscape and thought it would be perfect like a mountain forrest with a waterfall.

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