#355: 20L Paludarium Fatima

Boggia Giovanni Brindisi, Italy

Awards and Comments

Third Place
This is very nice! You might consider improving it in a couple of ways. First I think you are trying to use the thin pieces of wood to represent roots. But they are not going in the direction that roots would naturally go. (or if they are supposed to be vines the same is true!) Either use larger more impactful pieces of wood or think carefully about the placement of these small ones so that they truly represent what you want the viewer to see.

Below the water you have done a beautiful job creating your path and sandy foreground. It is always a good idea to break this up with smaller stones as you have done. But the small multi-colored rounded pebbles do not work well with the beautiful single tone but nicely textured stone that you have built your land area with. What might have worked better would be to break up some of your larger stone and use that to scatter over your sand area!
— Karen Randall
You struck a great balance between the land and water section. The plants look healthy and are grown just the right amount in your submission. Well done!
— John Tran
What a stunning paludarium with emphasis placed on the water portion to create streets in the aquascape. The use of the hardscape provides depth to the paludarium and the plants in the terrestrial sections look to be thriving and healthy. Excellent work!
— Bailin Shaw

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 60 × 30 × 16 cm
Title Fatima
Volume 20L
Background vernice nera
Lighting AQUASKY RGB 60
Filtration eden 511
Plants marsile hirsuta,marsilea crenata,hydrocotyle sibthorpioides variegata,hygrophila lancea chai ,acorusgramineus,hygrophila lancea araguaia,hygrophila corymbosa,anubias hastifolia,bacoba mionnieri,pogostemon helferi,bacoba madagascariensis,ludwigia palustris green, ludwigia palustris red,riccardia chamedryfolia,vesicularia chistmas moss,vesicularia tortoise,eleocharis acicularis,cryptocoryne parva, lagenandra, bolbitis heteroclita difformis,bucephalandra catarina,bucephalandra lamandau purple, anubias barteri nana bonsai,hydrocotyle verticillata, microsorum pteropus trident
Animals 20 neocaridine blue dream
Materials tropica soil, plata sand ada, layer stone ada, horn wood ada
Additional Information fertilizzazione wabikusa mist e suikei liquid

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