#609: 98L Paludarium A piece of peace and balance

Polucciu Andrei Chisinau, Moldova

Awards and Comments

Second Place
This is a really eye-catching display! Something to look at everywhere! Kudos to you for your lushly planted aquatic section!
— Karen Randall
The sheer quantity and species of plants is amazing. Both terrestrial and aquatic sections are well developed. Love the jungle look! I can't help it but stare at your whole scape. Well done!
— John Tran
Wow! Awesome use of both the land and underwater portions of this paludarium. The way the Spathiphyllum was incorporated into the aquascape was extremely well done and is a strong focal point on the right portion of the aquascape. In addition to the land portion the water portion was also very well planted with a wide variety of plants that complement the colors and textures of the terrestrial portions. Love this scape! Great job!
— Bailin Shaw

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 70 × 40 × 35 cm
Title A piece of peace and balance
Volume 98L
Background Volcanic lava brown
Lighting lamps LED Rival Aqua individual order, track led spotlight
Filtration Internal filter viaaqua va-2220f 450 l/h, Internal filter Hidom AP-1350L 200 l/h, Pompa centifuga sommergibile multiuso Blupower 500 l/h,
Plants Neoregelia:Felix,Outrigger,Little Checkers Tillandsia:Ionantha Stricta,Usneoides var.1S,Ionantha Ionantha,Ionantha Ionantha M,Juncea S, Albida
S,Brachycaulous,Ionantha Silver,Caput Medusae,Bulbosa,Purpurea,Punctulata,Aeranthos,Curly Slim S, Cryptanthus Fosterianus, Acaulis, Bivittatus,ACAULIS. Fittonia:'Jungle Flame,Mosaic White Tiger,Pink D9,Soleirolia soleirolii,Peperomia Caperata Rosso,Peperomia Polybotrya Raindrop,Nephrolepis: Exaltata
Cotton Candy,Exaltata, Epipremnum: Aureum,Aureum Neon,Spathiphyllum,Cyperus,Begonia Black Mamba, Callisia repens Pink Pantera,Sedum spurium Voodoo,Xanthoxalis corniculata,Oxalis corniculata,Chamaedorea elegans,Ficus:Pumila Minima,Quercifolia, Selaginella sp Var2,Rhaphidophorapachyphylla, Biophytum sensitivum.Forest mosses:Hypnum cupressiforme,Polytrichum,Mnium sp,Pleurozium schreberi.aquarium plants dry form:Acmella repens, Acorus pusillus,Alternanthera reineckii Mini,Anubias:barteri var.barteri,barteri var. nana pinto Bacopa:caroliniana,Monnieri,Cryptocoryne nurii,Didiplis diandra,Glossostigma elatinoides,Hemianthus micranthemoides,Hydrocotyleleucocephala,Hygrophila pinnatifida, Hygrophila polysperma Rosanervig, Lilaeopsis brasiliensis,Lobelia cardinalis,Murdannia Keisak,Myriophyllum sp.Guyana,Ranunculus inundatus,Rotala rotundifolia Indica, Shinnersia rivularis, Phyllanthus fluitans,Staurogyne repens,Staurogyne sp.brown,Bolbitis sp.Dragon Tail,Microsorum pteropus narrow, moss:Christmas.Flame,Stringy , Hydrocotyle verticillata,Hydrocotyle tripartita,Lindernia parviflora variagated,Eriocaulon Vietnam, Penthorum sedoides.Cryptocoryne Nurii,beckettii v.brown,affinis,lucens,scurrilis,wendtii,pontederiifolia,pontederiifolia,blassii, Echinodorus tenellus rubra,Nymphaea micrantha,Limnobium ,Pogostemon Octopus,Bolbitis heteroclita difformis baby leaf,heudelotti kompakt,Microsorum:pteropus,narrow,pteropus,pteropus var.undulata,Thor's,Hammer pteropus windelov. moss:Bucephalandra,Caloglossa sp.beccarii,Fissidens fontanus,Lomariopsis lineata,Flame moss,Weeping, Cladophora aegagrophi
Animals Fish: Paracheirodon axelrodi, Pseudomugil furcatus, Tateurndina ocellicauda, Corydoras paleatus, Hemirhamphodon pogonognathus
Shellfish: Neocaridina heteropoda var.yellow fir, Red Neocaridina, Cambarellus montezumae
Melanoides tuberculata, Melanoides granifera, Theodoxus fluviatilis, Physa, oxychilius alliarius garlic snail
Materials The hardscape of the background is composed of volcanic lava, forming a shoreline on the right side. On the left side, a phyto filter with a phyto wall is installed on the back wall. Four water channels have been incorporated onto the hardscape's surface to maintain a high level of humidity. Three of them represent streams, while the fourth is designed as a waterfall. Unfortunately, the photo doesn't capture the water movement.
Soil: Aquael Basalt Gravel 2-4 mm, H.E.L.P. ADVANCED SOIL PLANTS, river pebbles, volcanic lava brown
driftwood oak, mulberry ,Willow bark ,Volcanic lava brown
Additional Information The aquarium was custom-made with the following dimensions: Glass length - 70 cm, front glass height - 45 cm, width - 40 cm, back glass height - 54 cm, water column height - 30 cm (total water volume - 98 liters). The riparium was set up in February 2020.
Due to the limited space in the "plants" section, I will supplement the list of plants in this work here. Anubias:barteri,nana,gold,var.angustifolia Bucephalandra Copper Leaf Melawi,sp. Theia,sp. Light green,sp. Mini Coin,Kedagang Green.
Fertilizers: JBL PROFLORA AquaBasis plus, JBL Die 7 Kugeln,AQUAYER Yermolayev`s fertilizer Micro+,AQUAYER Yermolayev`s fertilizer IRON+,AQUAYER Yermolayev`s fertilizer Potassium+,AQUAYER Smart MACRO, Aquarium compressor, Ultrasonic fog generator, aquarium heater Atman AT 186
Dear judges and participants of the aquarium competition!
Let me introduce myself and tell you how I came to this hobby - my name is Andrei Polucci, I am 44 years old. I come from Chisinau, the capital of Moldova. My journey into the world of aquariums began at the age of 14 after a chance visit to a friend's house, where I saw an aquarium with original guppy fish. Their beauty and liveliness struck me, and I asked a friend to give me two of them. This moment marked the beginning of my passion for aquarium keeping.Therefore I'm here to share my passion for aquarium keeping and tell you about my incredible journey in this exciting hobby.My journey in aquarium farming began with a small three-liter jar and a single sprig of elodea. However, my passion for this hobby was so strong that I voraciously devoured literature, studied the theory and practice of aquarium care, and looked for new ways to make this world even more interesting.
Over time, my hobby became more serious, and today I have a total of five aquariums. Two of them are in the Dutch style with a variety of plants, one is an aquarium landscape and the other two are paludariums, one of which I would like to enter in this wonderful competition.
My main goal is to popularize aquarium hobby and attract new people to this fascinating world. This hobby brings joy, allows you to observe nature and delve into its amazing laws, and I hope that my story will inspire others and make the aquarium hobby more accessible to everyone.I would like to wish all participants in this competition excellent results and hope that each of you will find in aquarium keeping not only an exciting hobby, but also a source of inspiration and joy.
Andrei Polucciu

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