#389: 2.8L Riparium Kalem

Flea Andrias Bandung, Indonesia


The planting of this tiny riparium is so clever and beautiful. The overall impression is what one might find at a pond's edge. The Hydrocotyle Verticulata (HV) and Frogbit interplay beautifully. And the Acorus Graminieus occupying the space under the HV is a lovely complimentary planting.

I enjoy the view from above but I'd appreciate a view where I'm seeing a littl more of the submerged portion of the riparium. I think this layout could be elevated if the gravel details felt a little more aged and with a little less precise placement. The overall planting feels young and could benefit from a bit more time.

There is a lot to love in this tiny riparium.
— Ryan Noel
Like the simplicity of the entire arrangement. Wood on the right would have looked more natural if not so symmetrical.
— Jo Ann Fujii

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 20 × 20 × 7 cm
Title Kalem
Volume 2.8L
Background None
Lighting Kandila WRGB
Filtration None
Plants Amazon frogbit, montecarlo, hydrocotile tripartita, hydrocotile verticilata, acorus graminieus, sellaginela, java moss, bolbitis heteroclita difformis, eleocharis vivipara
Animals None
Materials Rasamala wood, turly stone, yamaya sand

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