#713: 2.5L Riparium Solace underwater

Jusal Quanico Waregem, Belgium


I love the vines climbing up your wood! Be careful with auxiliary photos that they do not point out plant damage!
— Karen Randall
There are a lot of interesting plant species in this design. Unfortunately the number of species and that so many of them are similar in texture diminishes the impact of the design. So the initial impression is a bit chaotic and lacks clarity. This feeling could potentially be counter-balanced with simpler more graphic pieces of wood. But right now there's nowhere for my eye to rest.

I bet if I was in a room with this riparium I could stare at it for hours taking in all the details and beautiful plants you've woven together. But in a photo I'm left feeling unsure of where to start.

There is peace to be found in the open water and I love that artistic statement.

What you've made is beautiful. Congratulations.
— Ryan Noel
The variety of plants is great - even the use of carnivorous plants! Emersed section is probably more bog-like but visually probably looks a little messy and would be better after a trim.
— Jo Ann Fujii
What a great little layout for your collection of Drosera. You have a nice mix of different aquatic plants in the auascape but I would have liked to see the plants pruned and filled in a bit more to really make this aquascape pop. Nicely done!
— Bailin Shaw

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 24 × 18 × 6 cm
Title Solace underwater
Volume 2.5L
Background None
Lighting Chihiros CII RGB
Filtration None
Plants Drosera pulchella, Drosera adelae, Drosera scorpioidae, Drosera rotundifolia, Drosera capensis, Utricularia involvens,
Laeliopsis brasilensis, Micranthemum tweedei Montecarlo, Ludwigia mini super red, Rotala rotundifolia "Singapore", Juncus repens, Acorus gramineus, Eleocharis parvula, Sedum sp. (2 species), Lygodium japonicum, Hydrocotyle sibthorpuoides
Animals None
Materials Spiderwood, Dragonstone
Additional Information Substrate is 1:1 Peat/Quartz sand. Fertilization using Osmocote planted on substrate every 1-2 months
Tank is a shallow cylindrical vase, with 24cm diameter

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