#415: 3.3L Wabi-Kusa Finding a way.

Jonathan Podzyhun St Catharines, Canada


If successful plant and vessel choice had a poster child this would be it!

The Ammannia sp. appears otherworldly exhibiting color that is exceedingly rare in emergent forms. This color compliments the warm hues of the vessel that equally dominates the visual qualities of the display.

The vessel is visually dense and demands the viewer's attention. This too can be said for those few Ammannia sp. stems that capture all of the attention above the surface.

The usage of rare and interesting plants like both Ammannia and Cryptocoryne pair well together.

Ultimately a simple wabi kusa with high-impact components this display showcases the importance of carefully considering the vessel as much as the plants.

I believe the creator made a wise decision to not break this vessel and repair it through Kintsugi. I can imagine this being far too visually dense and contrived.
— Jack McCarley
Kudos for you for showing us your Wabi Kusa ball! You're Alternanthera could have used some better trimming and then allowed to grow out again so that it showed some smaller growth in better scale with the rest of the planting. I am glad you didn't break your beautiful bowl! ;) )
— Karen Randall
I'm glad you didn't break the vessel and repair it as a "Kintsugi". It's a beautiful and meaningful pot with its history. I would have like to see some different stems that were taller and thinner to add some additional height to the Wabi Kusa and a bit more time to allow the moss to fill in. The Wabi Kusa has almost a Christmas feel to it. Nicely done!
— Bailin Shaw
Great looking bowl and plants look very healthy! I think the red of the plant is a little too domineering relative to the other plants - not only is it the tallest plant but it's also the bushiest. I would have made the red of the plant more of an accent and grown up the green plants in the back a little higher since the size of the bowl could have supported taller and bushier plants. Makes the arrangement look a little sparse when the green plants are that short.
— Jo Ann Fujii

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 15 × 15 × 15 cm
Title Finding a way.
Volume 3.3L
Lighting Chihiros WRGB II
Plants Cameroon Moss
Christmas Moss

Staurogyne repens
Pogostemon Erectus
Ammannia crassicaulis
Cryptocoryne usteriana
Materials ADA Amazonia aqua soil
Coconut fibre
ADA Riccia Line
Additional Information Vessel is a vintage Japanese Ceramic Snack Bowl from the late 1950s. The initial intention was to break it and repair it by the process of "Kintsugi" Even in the name of art , I could not bring myself to breaking it.

This creation represents our resilience as a family in the wake of troubling times we’ve faced this year.

“Finding a way”

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